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live schedule
pick-up live
Dali CD release One man Live 2009 "Epilogue Dekishitai"
Live Date September 6(Sun) 2009
Live place Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice
Band Dali [One man]
Open / Start 17:00 / 18:00
Advanced / Day ¥3.000- / ¥3,500- [Except Drink fee]
General sale date July 04(Stu) 2009
PLAY GUIDE TICKET PIA () [P code:326-787] /
LIKE AN EDISON OSAKA ( *The first sale day is available to reserve to call)
* Band reservation is possible.
Inquiry Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice
[Ticket priority release]
June 27(Stu) 2009 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 (Organized Event "TokyoSumusumumuriku mellow") after Live performance at hole sale [ticket No.1 to 100]
There is no pick-up live now.