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Privacy Policy

We offer a general information service to users through a music and contents delivery business including a music business. On accomplishing our company activity, We recognize the importance of protecting all personal information include personal information of all users in deeply, and carry out to define as blow policies.

  • A law about the handling of the personal information. We offer, use and acquire personal information, When we observe regulations, the country establish the model of indicator and others, Unless the base on laws and ordinances, Within only the use purpose specified in the range that is necessary for our production. We take a step to prevent the use out of purpose.
  • We lecture on correction measures and precautionary measures by the rational safety measures in a technical aspect, an organization side for danger of unjust access to the personal information, Or to leak the personal information, Loss and Damage etc.
  • We are improved and let us observe and review continuously and drive home to publicize officers and employee that establish a personal information protection management system definitely for use personal information appropriately and carry out thorough the protection. Also, we try for the protection of the personal information to request the clients to deal with personal information adequately.
  • About the personal information we hold, About request or complaint and consult to disclosure from the person itself, to fix,to delete, to use stop etc, we open the personal information inquiry consultation window and we cope in all sincerity.

June 1 2009 Establishment.

About using the personal information

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION Co., Ltd. which is called "We" as follows notice you about the purpose of customer's personal information as follows. please apply to it with the agreement

1. The acquisition / possession / the use of the personal information
We use and held the personal information custody from customers for the purpose of as fellows in the operation.
  • Music Contents delivery business
(Purpose of the use)
  • For an offer of an article and the service in each business.
  • For meditation and news of article and the service in each business.
  • For replying to the inquiry from customers question survey about the various businesses, monitor investigation and company PR work
  • For the setting the machine and facilities for service, repair, check, after-sale service in each business.
  • For offer article and service in each business better to a substantial thing to the customer.
  • For user confirmation for the performance request of the music in the broadcasting
  • For giving information a restaurant, an area, music, a movie, a computer are related to through the Internet.
  • In addition,to carry out business and a contract with the customer adequately and smoothly.
About possession : The personal information we custody keep continuously except extra decision “example : The thing which is specified in various campaign application essential points”.
About the use of the personal information after the cancellation of contract : It is possible to use the personal information we custody within the range of the use purpose after after the cancellation of our services.
2. The protection of the personal information
We take need and an appropriate step to protect the personal information of the visitor from a leak, loss or damage
3. The third person offer of the personal information
We offer a full name, a use amount of money, a credit card number, an account number to the financial institution by a document or electronic data for the purpose of request about price of an article and the service and storing among the personal information of the customer.
4. The request such as the use stops of the personal information
The customer can request it to stop and delete the personal information about the self or stop to offer to the third person.
5. Trust of the handling of the personal information
We entrust an outsider within the use purpose of mention to Clause 1. About the trust, We choose only the medium possessing a reasonable regime of the personal information beside we entrust after having exchanged a contract.
6. The request such as disclosure / the correction of the personal information
The customer can request it to disclose personal information by themselves self for us. And When there is an error and a change for the personal information of our visitor to hold, The customer can demand a correction, additional item deletion.
7. About the arbitrariness of the entry item
There is a thing of the arbitrary entry in the entry item of applications of the personal information, but there is the case that cannot offer an article and service adequately when the customer do not fill it out.
8. Inquiry window
We have the website that can confirm various service and the inquiry about us in. https://under-code.jp/
Please contact it about request, others any questions such as disclosure, a correction, a use stop and the third person offer stop of the personal information at the following.
9. About the procedures such as disclosure / the use stop of the personal information
About disclosure and the use stop of the personal information, please contact inquiry consultation window of mention on Clause 8. However, Only the person have contract can have the procedure. [ In the case of the request except this other people, please talk about the detail at a personal information inquiry consultation window.]
In addition, about the disclosure of the personal information, and about the personal contents which we can disclose is following items . "Full name, address, phone number, FAX number, mobile phone number, E-mail address, service name having you contract with it, contract date, the cancellation of a contract date, the visitor charge branch[ agency ]". thanks for the understanding
#9-1. How to procedure
  • It is possible to ask a personal information inquiry consultation window by an inquiry form or mail.
  • We dispatch our predetermined application from the window if necessary
  • Please Entry predetermined matters on an application, and mail to our personal information inquiry consultation window to enclose documents for person itself confirmation and a fee (only in the case of disclosure application).
  • About the answer, We mail the address mentioned in an application it.
* We handle the documents which had submit only in the range of it is necessary to the request, contact with the person itself about the request to disclosure and the use stop.
* When there is not a procedure by indistinct points to the documents which had submit, there is the case we contact the address that had mentioned in an application from the effect us.
* We cancel the custody documents by an appropriate method without delay as soon as the answers for the request disclosure and the use stop is over.
#9-2. Documents for person itself confirmation.
Please enclose the copy of the identification card which have a full name and mention of the address by the public published.
"A driver's license, Basic Resident Register card (only with a photograph), extract from a person's family register (only as for the need matters are address and full name), the copy of resident's card (only as for the need matters are address and full name), an identification of health insurance person insured, an identification of person insured of various insurance (as for the medical record part, unnecessary), an identification of person insured of the nursing care insurance, the pension notebook, a ppension certificate."
* Sorry for your inconvenience but, in the case of the certificate which a permanent address is mentioned in, please take a copy after covering the permanent address.
#9-3. Mailing Address
Zip Code 553-0005 2-7-2 3F Noda Fukushima ward Osaka city Osaka.
*Please bear the mail costs. We recommend to mail by general registered mail.
In addition, please understand it beforehand because we cannot cope when we establish it next. When we decided that we cannot cope, we refer the effect reason and notify of it. In addition, we have a predetermined fee even when we did not disclose it.
・When the person's confirmation is not possible.
・When on the occasion of request by an agent except the person itself, we cannot confirm positions of the power of attorney, authorities.
・When there is deficiency to predetermined request documents
・When the personal contents which there is of the request do not fall under our possession personal data.
・When there is a threat to injure the person itself or the life of the third person, a body, property, the right profit of others
・When there is a threat to give a remarkable hindrance to the reasonable enforcement of our duties.
・When they violate other laws and ordinances